Beach Fun

This gorgeous soft white sand beach is one mile from end to end (1.6 km ) before touching a single stone. It’s 500′ from tree line down to the water line across the Ancient Intact Freshwater Dunes make this cottage experience a “Caribbean getaway”. From the beach 200 km of open water to the north stretches all the way to Killarney and Manitoulin Island.  Grab your sunscreen, umbrella and and soak in the vistas. The warm crystal clear waters of Georgian Bay typically hit swimming temperatures by Canada Day and can retain their warmth thru Thanksgiving weekend . Inner bay temperatures average 20-26 C from July to the end of September.  The beach is perfect for all manner of watersports: boating, kayaking, sailing, swimming, surfing, kiteboarding and and windsurfing are popular pastimes when the wind comes on shore and the surf is up. When it’s off shore there is barely a ripple and relaxing quietly with a beverage of your choice or napping listening to the lapping of the waves is a great way to de stress from your week. Whatever your pleasure it’s all here.  For Scuba diving and snorkeling there are 4 wrecks located within a 15 min boat ride of the beach as well.  There are over 50 km of trails that crisscross the island for hiking, running, biking or ATV’s.  Christian Island is very unique in Ontario as it has very few bugs compared the rest of cottage country. The island is composed entirely of sand and gravel which drains the rain water very quickly, as a result no standing water = NO MOSQUITOS and because there are no streams or rivers on the island there are NO BLACKFLIES.  In the evening because of it location in the middle of Georgian Bay and the absence of “light pollution” the stargazing and celestial light shows can be astounding!